Spring Favorites

"What a strange thing to be alive beneath the cherry blossoms." -Kobayashi Issa

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Tis true. I got some earlier last week & I'm so tempted to make it a regular thing. They're pretty inexpensive, super bright and colorful & wonderfully happy.

This is my new obsession. It literally makes your hair look & feel like you've been at the beach all day. Smells nice, too. :)

Well, I mean who doesn't love this? I just recently rekindled my love with the heavenly goodness this weekend. Like... its going to be a thing until maybe September. 

I've never been a huge baseball hat wearer, but as of like March, they're my newfound love. And I got some harsh sunburn on my face this past weekend, so they've proven to be pretty helpful, too.

I feel like I'm wearing Easter eggs on my fingers. Or something perfectly springy like that. 



Hi cuties, how's this week treating you? If I'm being honest, its been a suuper slow, suuper long week on my end. My work somehow multiplied, my head decided to have numerous headaches & I felt like no amount of sleep was ever long enough. Saying that, the weather was wonderful though-- either perfectly dreary or perfectly breezy.

I was also able to do a bit of writing this week which I'm excited about. I think I'm in the very (very) early stages of putting together a little work of sorts, so.. I guess.. yay. :) I also did a bit of running as well, which is both good and bad. Good, for obvious reasons, and because I found like eleven turtles on my trail. Bad, because of awful shin splints & and a lovely up and coming farmer's tan. Its cute, I promise.

And with this post, I'm going to check out a bit early for the week. Its going to be one of those weekends where I planning to not do anything productive. I can't wait. The multicultural fair is this weekend too, so definitely going to have to stop by. Anyone remember when I covered the fair freshman year? Good times.


lovely links:
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Hairstyling hacks. My favorite is #2.

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The truest thing I've heard all day.

Have a happy weekend! xo



Today is one of those days where I really miss sitting at the kitchen table and eating cold pizza with my brothers. Where the only thing to do is listen to the sound of the rain and talk about last night's basketball game & who's asked out who. 


Side note- Yesterday's texting conversation with my youngest brother (N):

N: How are you pookie
L: Good, what choo dewin
N: Nothing much mini munch.
L: I like your recent Instagram
N: Thanks boo thang

He's most definitely cooler than I am. 


Holi Color Festival

^^^the before...

Last week a few friends and I participated in this year's Holi Color Festival. I've wanted to do it ever since Freshman year but I've always had class, so this year I finally had my chance! I was (and still am) getting over being sick, so breathing in the powder was...not the best... but it was so worth it.

If you're not sure what it is, basically you throw a bunch of different colored powders in the air and dance around in it. Its in celebration of the coming of spring, which is about the best thing I've ever heard.

^^^the after. :)

^^^The cotton candy was a nice plus, too. :)

It was so super fun and I'm planning on doing it again whenever I get the chance. Regardless of how many times I have to shampoo my hair afterwards. Happy Monday, everyone! Keep it colorful.